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WCHS Ice Cream Social on Aug. 19

Headquarters House and gardens

After suggestions by local citizens, the Washington County Historical Society will be going “greener” this year – eliminating the use of Styrofoam-type or non-recyclable products at the annual ice cream social.

Poster advertising Ice Cream SocialThe Washington County Historical Society’s Ice Cream Social fundraiser is set for 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 19, at the Headquarters House grounds, 118 E. Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

Music, book signings and other entertainment will be on-going during the afternoon session of ice cream and homemade cakes on display for consumption, according to the 46-year-old summer time tradition of the WCHS.

The event will also be rolling back the calendar, asking citizens to bring their own bowls and silverware, a time-honored tradition of decades ago.

“We’ve had a lot of environmentally-friendly folks, asking us to eliminate these types of non-recyclable products and we certainly can do that,” said Maylon Rice, First Vice President of the WCHS.

“We want to announce both from a historical perspective and an environmental perspective this year we are taking several steps to continue to make this annual social event both “green” and “realistic to a historical setting,” as possible.

Rice asks, first, that ice cream social attendees bring a bowl of their own from home – along with spoons for their ice cream consumption: “Back in the day of community dinners on the ground, picnics, and even at the yesteryear ice cream socials, there were few families hosting such events which had the resources to provide all the silverware and glassware for those attending.

“It was not unusual for families to come to such community gatherings armed with their own bowls and spoons,” Rice said.

But on Aug. 19, those not wanting to bring their own bowls, from home, there is still a “green” solution to be found.

Flier listing Ice Cream Social sponsorsRice said the WCHS will be purchasing some environmental friendly, bio-degradable bowls made from paper or other fiber sources, which are fully compostable in a normal composting operation.

“We will be purchasing some bio-degradable bowls from an environmental supplier to have on hand, for those who forget to bring their own bowls,” Rice said.

“After contacting the City of Fayetteville Recycling and Sustainability Office, the city has agreed to add the recyclables from the Ice Cream Social to the city’s composting process,” Rice said. “The City has been very helpful in this drive for WCHS to make this event as “green” as possible.”

By composting the bio-degradable bowls and eating utensil wares, Rice hopes to reduce the seven-to-10 bags of traditional waste down to three-to-four compostable bags of fiber for the city’s composting operation. Another change will be adding ‘edible ice cones,’ for the ice cream goers.

“We’ve had suggestions for ice cream cones for the younger kids, but heck, as a big kid, I too like an ice cream in an edible cone,” Rice said.

The admission to the Washington County Historical Society’s Annual Ice Cream Social is $5 per adult, $2.50 for children 6-12, or a family ticket of $15 for four or more members of the same family, Rice said.

In addition to the social, the historical society will have a special exhibit on loan from the Arkansas State Archives about “The Great War: Arkansas in World War I.” Also, Anthony J. Wappel and J.B. Hogan will be on hand to sign copies of their new book The Square Book: An Illustrated History of the Fayetteville Square.

For advance tickets or information contact the WCHS at 118 E. Dickson Street, Monday-Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 to 4 p.m. or see any member of the WCHS Board of Directors. Tickets can be purchased at the gate as well.

Sponsors for the 2017 Ice Cream Social include:

  • Larry Bittle Insurance Agency
  • Dr. Don Chaney Family Dentistry
  • Jane Davis & Associates
  • Elliott & Smith Law Firm
  • McNair & Associates Insurance
  • Prairie Grove Telephone Co.
  • Kim Smith
  • Odom Law Firm

And supporters include:

  • Hiland Ice Cream, a division of Hiland Dairy
  • Intents Party Rentals
  • The Washington County Sheriff’s Office