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- Headquarters House
- Archibald Yell Law Office
- Ridge House at 230 West Center

Headquarters House ( more info... )
At 118 East Dickson, Was built by Judge Jonas Tebbetts in 1853 and miraculously survived the Civil War. The Battle of Fayetteville was fought on its front lawn and a doorway bears the scar of a minieball which is preserved in testament to the battle which our ancestors endured and which earned the intersection of College & Dickson the title "Bloody Corner".

The Archibald Yell Law Office ( more info... )
The Archibald Yell Law Office was built around 1835 and moved to the Headquarters House ground in 1992. Judge, congressman, governor, and soldier, Archibald Yell is a colorful figure from Territorial Days who comes to life in the Living History Program.

The Ridge House at 230 West Center ( more info... )
In 1839, the house served as a refuge for Sarah Bird Northrup Ridge and her children, after the assassination of her Cherokee husband, John Ridge.
Fayetteville's oldest house stands as a post Trail of Tears Site commemorating The John Ridge Family and all those who were forced to leave their homes in the East and travel to Indian Territory over a trail of tears.