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Salem Springs

The post office named Sexton was established in June 1882 and operated until June 1906 when mail was diverted to Summers. But settlement of Salem Springs began by 1832. Salem Springs, known also as Sexton, was one of… Read More

Rhea’s Mill

Wiiliam H. Rhea, a prominent merchant in Cincinnati, got lucky at a rare gambling event and won enough money to buy a store in Wedington and a mill and farm a few miles northwest of Prairie Grove in… Read More


The community of Odell was first known as Stop and was just south of the Washington County line in Crawford County. It is not known when it was established but some information was compiled in a Flashback article… Read More

Mount Comfort

Mount Comfort is the name used for what was once a very active community located north and west from Arkansas highways 16 and 112. Now the name only applies to the Presbyterian Church and cemetery located north of… Read More


The community of Morrow was founded by George Morrow from South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Buchanan and they are listed as Washington County residents in the 1830 census. In 1832 George Morrow presented himself to the Cumberland Presbyterian… Read More


The post office at Mayfield was established in 1900 and closed in 1958. An essay on Mayfield was written by a Bobby Fultz for a Junior High WCHS history essay contest. This information was provided by Jerry Hogan,… Read More

Maguire Town

The first Maguires to settle in Washington County were Owen and Mary from Kentucky in the 1820s. They and their sons Hosea and Green built a substantial log house on property northeast of present-day Elkins along what is… Read More


Washington County land records report that a man named Samuel Starr was appointed Osage Indian agent in about 1828 and established a presence near what would become North Street and West Avenue in Lincoln. North Street was the… Read More


It is said that the mill in Johnson existed before the Civil War, was burned and rebuilt after the war. Jacob Q. Johnson and William Mayes, former Union soldiers, built or rebuilt a “large sawmill, with grist mill… Read More

Hazel Valley

The Hazel Valley post office was established July 1, 1875. Deane Carter places it in s24, T14N, R28W but the current County road map shows Hazel Valley in s30, T14N, R28W. The Hazel Valley post office was in… Read More