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Annual Events

The Washington County Historical Society holds several programs annually, all of which are open to members of the society and most of which are open to the public.

Battle of Fayetteville Memorial

The Battle of Fayetteville occurred on April 18, 1863, on the grounds surrounding Headquarters House. The society holds a commemoration of the event nearly every year, about the third weekend of April, at Headquarters House, with interpretive programming and living-history re-enactors. The programs are generally open to the public.

Statehood Day

The historical society almost always offers a program related to state history on or near Arkansas Statehood Day, June 15, the day that Congress approved Arkansas’s admission as the 25th state. The Statehood Day program is free to members of the society and the public.

Ice Cream Social

As a fundraising event, the Washington County Historical Society holds an Ice Cream Social each year on the third Saturday of August. The event includes music, period dancing in costume by the society’s Heritage School students, ice cream from Hiland Dairy and cakes baked by members of the society. Tickets for the Ice Cream Social are available to members of the society and the public.

Annual Membership Meeting

Per its bylaws, the Washington County Historical Society holds at least one meeting of its board each year in which all members are invited to hear updates on the programming and finances of the society and elect new officers and board members. In recent years, the society has held the annual meeting as a luncheon that also honors the Washington County Citizens of the Year at the annual meeting. The public is also invited to honor the society’s Citizens of the Year.

Holiday Open House

The society welcomes members to visit Headquarters House early in December each year to celebrate the holiday season, enjoy refreshment, cakes, candies and treats, and listen to students from the society’s Heritage School as they carol in the Washington-Willow Historic District.